Digitally Enhancing Driver Awareness and Safety
What is Safescape?

Our sole mission is to reduce road accidents and fatalities by proactively warning road users of known accident hotspots in real-time before they get to them. Simple as that!

Safescape can be integrated into and accessed via any navigation device, app, infotainment or safety system

Safescape integration
The problem

There are still too many accidents, injuries and deaths on UK roads each year.

2017 Government Statistics
1,793Road deaths
239,000Road accidents
247,000Road miles in Great Britain
3,500Safety cameras in Great Britain
1 road accident for every 1 road mile
1 death for every 137 road miles
1 speed camera for every 71 road miles
How can Safescape help reduce my accident risk?

Safescape knows all recorded accident locations and alerts you to the danger well before they get to them, allowing you to be more aware and prepared.

How safescape reduces risk
How can I get Safescape?

Safescape is accessed either via our free-to-use app or by integrating Safescape’s data service API.

Safescape app screenshot
Safescape indicators
  • The Safescape app is extremely simple to use
  • Just launch it!
  • Safescape will then provide you with stunningly simple yet effective visual and audible warning before you get to a known accident-risk hotspot location
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